A "Sold to the Alpha" spin-off series... WICKED

Twisted: A Fox-Shifter Romance (The Hidden Alpha Book 1) - Cara Wylde

I was hoping after finishing her "Sold to the Alpha" series, that Cara would continue on somehow & tell the stories of Avelyn's friends from Alma Venus Boarding School.... So when I started reading this, you can imagine how happy I was when that's exactly where I found myself again. This time reading about Amelia & her Alpha mate to be.... in Cara's new series "The Hidded Alpha".

I would highly advise you to read Cara's "Sold to the Alpha" series before starting "The Hidden Alpha"... but it's not a must. Cara has added as much detail in this as she has with Avelyn's story, you almost feel like it's you there & your not just reading it.

Amelia only has a few more years until all her chances of finding a shifter husband is over, but that's about to change when a fox-shifter finally choses her for his alpha. A plane trip around the world to Alaska, has her meeting her new husband, but not everything or everyone is as it seems...

OMG what an ending, I NEED to read the next installment soon, please don't make us wait too long Cara, I need to find out what happens next.