I NEED more!!

The Dark Prince (The Dark Prince.Part 1) - Emma V. Leech

This was the first EVER book that I've read from Emma V. Leech, I went in unsure what I was getting. But once I started I was quickly enthralled in the story, & now I NEED MORE!! This is book 1 in Emma's "The French Fae Legend" series, I recall I had it in my Wattpad library, but never had a chance to read it before or any of Emma's other books.


Oceane, Princes Corin & Laen jump out of the page, at first you dislike Laen... I mean come on, he abducts Oceane from her workplace & takes her back to his Fae home. But soon it seems he starts to like her, but then Corin decides to push Laen to expose his feelings... Oh My Goodness, this was a fun, if not slightly dark read, full of memories re-surfacing for the Princes about their childhood, also for Oceane & her childhood...


I seriously devoured this book, I was intrigued by Oceane's ability to write what seemed to be not only Laen's childhood, but possibly Corin's too. Do we find out how Oceane is able to do this?? Has all the stories she's written, come true?? I can't wait to find out, in the next books in the series.