2 words..... Shifter Cowboys!!

The Cowbear's Secret Christmas Baby - Liv Brywood

I was gifted a copy of "The Cowbear's Secret Christmas Baby" from Liv Brywood in exchange for an honest review.

Once I started this book I was drawn into this story, from start to finish my emotions where all over the place. This is book 1 in Liv's new series "Curvy Bear Ranch", what more can you ask for?? Shifter Cowboys. eeekkkk

Brady is finally back home after 4 years serving for his Country, he's battle wearing having seen things you can't unsee. So when the love of his life walks back into his life, after a nasty breakup, he's not the best werebear to talk to.... Rachel has to talk to Brady's or his family, she has to ask for something & not sure of how they will take it, 4 years is a long time, but she needs to save her son & the only way is to finally tell his father....

Oh my goodness, this was terribly sad in places, I had tears! But I couldn't stop reading, I had to find out just what would happen between Brady, Rachel & little Jimmy. I was enthralled throughout the entire book & can't wait to read what happens next in the series.