Amazing from start to finish

The Fall Up - Aly Martinez

This was my first book by Aly Martinez EVER, so I went in blind, anticipating what I was about to read. Why haven't I read a book by Aly Martinez before?? I'm really not to sure, but after living through "The Fall Up" I will definitely be reading MORE.

From the opening line "It was raining. Isn't that the way all great love stories start??" until the final words in this book I was enthralled, I couldn't put it down. Oh the subject within was a touchy, emotional, & some what tabboo, then the characters portraying this touchy subject, made reading it an easier process than what it should have been. Levee & Sam, one who's seen the struggle knows the signs & steps in to help.... the other who's so far in the dark, that the possiblity of there ever being a light, comes has a shock. Then you have the amazing secondary characters aswell, either steaming up the pages or adding some tension between Sam & Levee (not that they needed any help).

I'm not going to ruin this for you, you'll need to read it, devour it, to know exactly what happens. I laughed & cried, the emotions where all over the place for me. So for my first Aly Martinez book, I must say it was beautiful, sweet, wonderful, captivating.... you get the point!!