I NEED more Clay & Evie NOW!!!

Among the Debris - Michelle Irwin

With the way book 1 'Besieged by Rain' ended, then book 2 of Evie's series "Daughter of Fire" ended, I couldn't wait to start book 2 'Among the Debris'. But then a phone update had me unable to read anything for over 24 hours, it was pure torture, so this morning, once I knew everything was working again I started reading 'Among the Debris' & was instantly enthralled! Being captured in the events surrounding Clay's life away from Evie as well as with Evie. 'Among the Debris' is book 2 in Michelle's "Son of Rain" series, please definitely read book 1 of the series first, or better yet read the books alternating starting with book 1 of the "Daughter of Fire" series. This is a companion series, Evies POV is in the "Daughter of Fire" series & Clay's POV is in this series, both series intertwine in the breifest moments, their journey's to one-another are so different that when they do get together it's done so you don't feel like your reading the same thing. It's pure bliss!

Leaving off where 'Besieged by Rain' finished, Clay & Evie are on the run from Clay's family, whom eventually catch up to them & then the unthinkable happens, Clay & Evie are seperated again. Dealing with a death & then Evie's leaving, Clay is left feeling responsible, devastated & fearful. Then a question, is his love for Evie true or a spell, has him on the mission of his life & see's him travelling all over Europe to find the answers he so desperately needs.

I really didn't want this book to end, Clay's mission kept me enthralled, his ups & down's, his questioning everything he'd grown up knowing, then the magical creatures he encounters when in Europe, also the ancient laws & stories he finds.... JUST WOW! What a journey Clay goes on, mostly staying out of contact with his family or the Rain. I couldn't put my ereader down even if I tried!! I felt like I was inside the story!

I absolutely FLOVED this installment in Clay's story, I can't wait for the next book not only in this the "Son of Rain" series, but in Evie's story "Daughter of Fire" series.