Wicked start for the series

Called by the Bear - Part 1: BBW Werebear Shifter Romance - V. Vaughn

I love V. Vaughn's other series/ serials, "Tempted by the Bear" & "Winter Valley Wolves" instantly pop into my mind, so it's only natural to want to read this serial "Called by the Bear". Now I know I should have started with this before I started Tempted, but I'm reading it now. Having already met the characters I'm now reading about, has made it easier to understand just what is going on. Carly & Sierra's lives are about to get more full on than even they expect them to be & I can't wait to read what happens next for them both.

Carly has been having dreams about a sexy man, then teeth & fur, & also about this paw print, she just can't get the design right for some reason. Then an encounter with her business partner & ex, has the design finalized & getting inked that same day. No-one else can see her new ink, except for her friend Sierra, who is also having the dreams. Once inked the need & pull to travel & find these dream men is almost instantaneous....

What a trip these girls embark on, then they meet a couple of girls on the way who dream of meeting Carly & Sierra, so they get their own ink done. I can't wait to start book 2 of this serial.