Amazing read

Justice for Mickie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes) (Volume 2) - Susan Stoker

So having read book 1 in this series, I started this book with the knowledge that Susan was going to send me on something emotional, painful... all those good things that usually draw you in when reading. Boy did I get what I expected & more! I was instantly drawn into this book, from start to finish I was lost, I couldn't escape, I needed to know what was going to happen & how.

Cruz is undercover, he has a plan set in motion, but the plan never involved meeting the women of his dreams... especially when he's surrounded by one of the worst MC's known in the city. Mickie is just trying to look out for her younger sister, trying to keep her safe, but when her sister is dating a MC president, all her radars go beserk. Mickie's only joy during this time happens when she's around Cruz....

I loved how Cruz & Mickie start out slowly, communicating via text, then the odd lunch date... soon becoming friends during Cruz's time undercover. I loved how the characters were in their 30's, they have histories that are sometimes unthinkable, but they are moving forward. We also get to catch up with the characters from book 1 (Justice for Mackenzie), I love when authors do this. I LOVED everything!

'Justice for Mickie" is the second book in Susan's AMAZING new series "Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes", I'm blown away with what I read & can not wait to see what comes next for the series.