Absolutely LOVED this story

Dearborn (Woodland Creek) - Jenni Moen

I received an ARC of "Dearborn" from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my goodness, "Dearborn" is the first book I've read by Jenni Moen, not knowing what I was in for I started this book, I was soon drawn into the story. "Dearborn" is Jenni's installment for the "Woodland Creek" collection, a collaboration of 30 authors all writing about 1 little town in Indiana USA, I was intrigued with the concept behind this collection.

Just the title intrigued me, then I read the prologue, DAMN I was instantly HOOKED! There was so much going on in this story, flashbacks, magic, shifters, hurt, secrets, twists & turns, keeping you wondering just what is going to happen. There were scenes where the rainbow was so intense, it lept off the page/screne & had you feeling what ever the characters felt too.

I LOVED it & wish it was longer, I want to read some more from Jenni Moen, also I can't wait to read what the others have written for the "Woodland Creek" collection.