A treasure hunting we go....

Moonlit Feathers - Sarah Mäkelä

I received an ARC of "Moonlit Feathers" from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my goodness, "Moonlit Feathers" is the first book I've read by Sarah Mäkelä, not knowing what I was in for I started this book, I was soon drawn into the story. "Moonlit Feathers" is Sarah's installment for the "Woodland Creek" collection, a collaboration of 30 authors all writing about 1 little town in Indiana USA, I was intrigued with the concept behind this collection.

What a thrill, also it left me a little emotional.... kinda reminds me of Lara Croft, minus the shifter part. A shifter treasure hunter on the search for a missing talisman for the family missing it, a bad wizard after the power from the talisman... yep, totally Lara Croft here, I could even imagine her taking flight. The action, magic, shifters, adventure, suspense... all roled into a pretty intense ride.

I need to read more books from Sarah Mäkelä & I also can't wait to read what the others have written for the "Woodland Creek" collection.