What a FANTASTIC debut!!

A Lady's Addiction - Angelina Jameson

I received a copy of 'A Lady's Addiction' from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

I hadn't read ANYTHING by Angelina Jameson before, but the cover & blurb had me intrigued, so I jumped at the chance to read this book. I ABSOLUTELY FLOVED this book, the historical genre is a favourite of mine, a change of pace, a palate cleanser from all the darkness I've been reading lately. There are alot of ways an author from today's age can get things wrong when dealing so closely with a historical fiction, from the fashion, the customs, to the way a couple is allowed to interract with one another.... Angelina showed when reading that she'd done her homework extensively. Everything weaved so well together, it felt like I was in a Jane Austen at times & then at other times I was in a Sir Conan Doyle, & this her DEBUT.

Lady Anna is almost at the end of her mourning period, thinking herself frigid, no thanks to her departed husband, she undertakes a meeting in private to see if she has any chance of finding joy in becoming a wife again. Her meeting doesn't turnout exactly how she plans, but she leanrs what she always knew & she returns home & decides to start sociallising amoungst the Ton again. Devlyn has finally returned home from his assignment in the Foreign Office, his first night home, a door opens to reveal a beautiful women, a misunderstanding, a scoarching kiss... A women who doesn't leave his thoughts. But she isn't the reason he's home, but soon he finds a link between her & his sister-inlaw.

There was so much happening in this book, so many secrets being kept, ladies of the Ton being blackmailed, a poison, a husband to catch, & descisions to make. Is it more important to find a husband who can father a child or find a husband with love in your heart?? That's exactly what Lady Anna has to decide whilst everything is occuring around her. This book certainly kept me riveted, I'd started the book early in the evening, thinking I'd get a few chapters in before bed, then next thing I knew it was finished & it was 3am. I loved how you got to read from several POV's making you understand more about the WHY a certain character did what.

I can honestly say, that I await Angelina's next book with bated breath. Is it going to be a continuation with other characters from this book?? I surely hope so, I think Devlyn's man servant & his brother need their own story told & soon.