Kept me on the edge of my seat

Blood Knot - Tracy Cooper-Posey

OMG I have to admit I'm really blown away by the whole experience of this book and just how much I enjoyed it. This is my first book EVER by Tracy Cooper-Posey, I had absolutely no idea what I was to expect when I first opened this book. I can honestly say that the cover & blurb had me intrigued when I first purchased this book. Then within the first chapter I was unsure how the book was going to go, I mean the leads weren't even working together anymore, my fears were soon put to rest. I was soon lost within the story, getting swept away just as much as the characters. EVERYTHING from the lead female (is she human??), the ex-vampire (no longer a vamp, but not exactly human), the ancient vampire (I mean he is over 1000 years old), the hot sex scenes, the heist scenes... the histories, the intrigue.... What paranormal lover wouldn't FLOVE this book???

I FLOVED it, I NEED to read the next books in this series, as soon as I'm able too.