Is this real life?? Or just a fantasy??

Veiled Fantasies - Anna Lowe

I received an ARC of 'Veiled Fantasies' from Anna, in exchange for an honest review.

I've read other books by Anna Lowe before, so I couldn't wait to jump right in. I started & within the first chapter I was intrigued, then a few more chapters in... I was HOOKED. 'Veiled Fantasies' is different from Anna's other series "Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" & "Serendipity Adventure Romance", but again I loved the journey your dragged along when reading this book. Being told the story through both Jill & Erik's POV's, getting to know how well they suit one-another from the start & then reading how they progress in their relationship. Jill's making up stories about other passengers, Erik's constant need to work & be numb, a prisoner being extradited, a Volcanic eruption stopping all plane travel in the Northern Hemisphere... So much happening whilst stuck in Dubai. Such a fantastic read, has me wishing it was longer, even if the story was fairly long.