Enslaved by the Alpha: Part Six - Viola Rivard
I could NOT wait to start reading this installment of 'Enslaved by the Alpha'... I mean seriously with how part 5 finished, it left me hanging. I quickly devoured it. Once I started, I too quickly found myself at the end, again & with yet another cliffhanger.... PLEASE read this serial in chronological order, it's a must as each part starts where the previous finishes. Erik has left Astrid in the care of his pack, also amist the mating thrall, which he finds is not the easiest task for a wolf, in search for the bear on the border of his land. Meanwhile Astrid is filled with dread, surrounding herself with somewhat loyal wolves but unable to sleep without having nightmares. Also there is talk of a change in her scent??? I really can't wait to read the next installment of this, I NEED to know whats going to happen.