MORE!! I need more of the Coalson's

Love, Marriage & Mayhen - Maggie Adams

I received a copy of 'Love, Marriage & Mayhem' in exchange for my honest review.

Having finished reading 'Getting Lucky' last week, I couldn't wait to read what mayhem Lucky brought with him after his adventures in Vegas. I can honestly say I was not dissapointed in the least. Once I started reading 'Love, Marriage & Mayhem' I couldn't put it down & soon found myself awake till 3am finishing this book. Please read the "Tempered Steel" series in chronological order, including the Lucky's novella before picking up book 4, as they all follow one anothers timelines.

I love how we get to not only find out how Lucky & his new wife are going & how Claudia interracts once she meets the rest of the Coalson's(not going to ruin anything for you there), but we also get to learn about Brandon Coalson. Brandon is the brother who waters down the fires after fights, the one comforting the girls once his brothers are done (well not the married ones anyway). Brandon's waiting for that special someone & a chance sighting has him searching for her. The background investigation is still happening & things seem to be getting better, but I'll stop there. I can't wait to find out how the Coalson's pull through after how this book finished.