What a finish!!

Tempted by the Bear - Part 9: BBW Shifter Werebear Romance - V. Vaughn

I was given an ARC of 'Tempted by the Bear- part 9' from V. Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.

After the cliffhanger V. Vaughn left us with in part 8 of 'Tempted by the Bear' I couldn't wait to start reading this, the FINAL installment. What a finish we have here, WOW! I'm not going to ruin everything here, lets just say things come into completion quite interestingly. I don't want to say anything else about this installment, everything I started to type I had to delete, it would have ruined it (I hate reading spoilers).

I can say that I DEVOURED & enjoyed reading this final installment, if you have yet to read "Tempted by the Bear" start at part 1, this serial HAS to be read in order to get he full impact of everything happening.