Second Chance Love

Ergan - V. Vaughn, Erin deWard

Overall- ***** Performance- ***** Story- *****


Q- Would you consider the audio edition of Ergan to be better than the print version?
A- I would have to say it would depend on my mood & what I was doing for the day, sometimes I feel like reading & others I feel like listening.... I enjoyed both versions equally.

Q- Who was your favorite character and why?
A- I would have to say my favourite character from Ergan, would be.... both Ergan & Kayla... Ergan because, even though he knows Kayla is his mate, he allows her to leave in the first place, but when she ends up staying in Winter Valley, he's there to protect her.
Kayla because, well she's sassy, know's what she wants, has a wicked imagination (even when her werewolf dream comes true)....

Q- Which character – as performed by Erin deWard – was your favorite?
A- Hmmm I think Kayla was my favourite performed character, Erin made her just come to life!

Q- Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
A- There was this scene that occured out on the lake, in a boat..... it was very intense, fan worthy!

Q- Any additional comments?
A- I really love this series, to be able to listen to this book has brought out bits that I missed whilst reading. I can't wait to listen to the next book in the series. I love the extra emotion added when listening.