Saving the fox spirits

Match Me Later - Rachael Slate

I received an ARC of "Match Me Later" from Rachael, in exchange for an honest review.

This was the first book I've read by Rachael Slate & what do I do? I start at the 4th book (by reading order) in the series. I can honestly say, this was an excellent start, a wonderful teaser for what came prior to this book & now I NEED to read the first few books in the series. Once I started, I found myself intrigued, I couldn't put my ereader down. 'Match Me Later' is book 2.5 (4 via reading order) in Rachael's "Chinese Zodiac Romance" series.

Naya has finally reached 25, on her first night out, she feels drawn to only one human in the club, but things don't go as planned that night so her fox spirit isn't fed. Ryden doesn't usually go out to clubs, but he finds himself in the same club as Naya, he's also drawn to her. The darkness within him feels drawn to her too, but the night ends differently than expected.

So much information is given in this book, I feel like I don't need to read the previous books in the series (I will when I'm able to). I'd started this book, going in blind, finding myself so engrossed with everything inside, I felt lost when I got to the end. I look forward to when I'm able to read the rest of the books in this series.