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Under By Treaty - Kayla Stonor

I was gifted a copy of 'Under By Treaty' from Kayla Stonor, in exchange for an honest review.

I'm not really sure just why I haven't read 'Under By Treaty' earlier, having read all the books in the "Qui Treaty Collection", I kept reading about General Jaden. I think what FINALLY had me reading this book, was because Kayla is about to bring out the sequal... 'Betrayal By Treaty' (can hardly wait). I NEEDED to know General Jaden & the Empress's story prior to reading it.

OH.... MY..... GOODNESS....... WOW, what a story this is... it's dark, steamy, suspense filled, EXACTLY what I've come to expect from Kayla. Once I started reading 'Under By Treaty' I was drawn= really isn't a strong enough word, SUCKED into the story, I'm not sure just HOW Kayla comes up with these wickedly delicious storylines, but I FLOVED it & can't wait to read the next part of Jaden & the Empress's story.