Thrilling conclusion to 'Building a Hero'

Upgraded: Building  Hero (Book 3) (Building a Hero) - Tasha Black

I couldn't wait to read the final of Westley & Cordelia's story, it has been a few months since I read book 2, but within the first chapter I was back inside their lives. 'Upgraded' is the last book in Tasha's "Building a Hero" trilogy, I HIGHLY recommend you read this from the start, as the story continues chronolically from book 1. Starting shortly after where book 2 'Augmented' finished we see Westley & Edward still trying to clean up the city, West discovering what life without Cordelia is like... We see Cordelia living her life away from West, working for Peter & trying to figure out why West would blow up like he did.

I devoured this book, I didn't wait it to end, I was at the 80% mark wondering just how things would finish, it didn't feel like enough pages where left for the storyline. Yet I never felt like I was rushed through. There were so many twists & turns, but all my questions where answered. Tasha kept me riveted to my ereader once again, I was gripping my seat, biting my nails (which I hate doing), all whilst FLOVING this final book in the "Building a Hero" trilogy. I can't wait to read what Tasha brings out next.