Camelia's story

An Immortal Christmas (The Immortals Book 9) - Monica La Porta

Having recently read 'The Lonely Wolf' & 'Lupo' & reading all about the journey Camelia has gone through, I brought this book & had it devoured in no time. You get more of an understanding of just who Camelia was & has become, the sadness she & her mate had gone through. The flashes of the past & how Camelia first met her mate, their slow courtship prior to almost completing their bond, then their heartache & the despair that has followed them in the century plus since they parted. Made devouring it so much easier. I strongly urge you to read all previous books in Monica's "The Immortals" series, as 'An Immortal Christmas' is book 9. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.