WOW what an episode, NEED 6 NOW!!

The Hunt: A BBW Paranormal Romance (Lure Academy Book 5) - Cara Wylde

This is episode 5 in Cara Wylde's "Lure Academy" series, starting right off where episode 4 'The Last Ke'let Count' finished, I HIGHLY advise you to read this series in chronological order, you don't want to miss out on anything.

In episode 5 of "Lure Academy" 'The Hunt' Sophie is kept by Count D'Argyle's side, instantly drawn to her, slowly feeding from her daily, finding herself quickly feeling week. Whilst Kain & Alexi are doing everything they can to figure out the final plan to free all the humans about to culled by all the demons. It isn't until all the demons have arrived & Sophie is able to gain some energy that the details come together.

Another HOLY COW ending for this episode! I'm off to read episode 6 ASAP, FLOVING this series.