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Wicked Alphas, Wildest Nights: Sizzling Collection of Paranormal Romance (Wicked Alphas, Wild Nights Book 3) - Anna Lowe, Kallysten, Michele Bardsley, Tina Moss, Elianne Adams, Shelley Munro, JC Andrijeski, Tasha Black, J.M. Klaire, Ellis Leigh, Anne Marsh, Sloane Meyers, Harmony Raines, Cristina Rayne, Vivienne Savage, Kristen Strassel, Elle Thorne, Catherine Vale

I received a copy of 'Desert Wolf 4' from Anna Lowe, in exchange for honest review.
I received a copy of 'Date Night' from Cristina Rayne, in exchange for honest review.
This review is for Anna Lowe's Desert Wolf 4: A Very Close Shave.

Desert Wolf 4: A Very Close Shave by Anna Lowe
I loved reading this snippet in Ty & Lana's life, set yet again in the future that Anna Lowe is gifting us. Ty & Lana have a private moment away from the pack & their 2 year old daughter, where Lana gives Ty what he's been craving... a chance to relax, among other things. This scene is an extended snippet from book 2 'Desert Blood' which Cody stumbles upon his alpha pair. I absolutely LOVE Anna's "Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" series.

Date Night by Cristina Rayne
I love Cristina's books, but I have yet to read the series that this snippet is from the "Claimed by the Elven King" serial... it may be a massive spoiler in itself... But I now HAVE to read the serial, this snippet intrigued me big time. Set after the ending of the serial, Elven King Sethian brings hie human bride Emily to the place that made him choose her. It was sweet & gave you loads of back story.

If what I have read so far is anything to go by, I can't wait to read what the other authors have added to this boxset.