Will it be too late to save the Mason pack??

My Warrior Wolves (A Werewolf Shifter Romance) (Sanctuary, Texas Book 4) - Krystal Shannan

I received an ARC of 'My Warrior Wolves' from Krystal Shannan, in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my goodness, what an emotional read 'My Warrior Wolves' was, I'm coming down from the high I was given once I'd finished, I know that doesn't really make sense, but I'm not sure how else to put it. If your about to pick up this book & have yet to read the previous books in the "Sanctuary, Texas" series, please stop & start reading the series in order.

Set not long after 'My Eternal Soldier' book 3, Charlie is coming to terms at the heavy loss her pack suffered in their last attempt to save the paranormals from Xerxes. Also at the time she discovers her mates, but riddled with grief & wanting to mourn the lives lost within her pack she sends her mates away. But smooth talker Xerxes has other plans, her uncle & cousin whisper lies throughout the pack, creating havoc. Garrett & Travis are respecting their new found mates wishes, but it's hurting them in the process, waiting not so patiently for her call....

I absolutely LOVED how Travis & Garrett got their story, since the start of the series these 2 have been there, waiting patiently. Then add in Charlie's story & I was sucked in. But not only have we got the triad, we have Rose & the rest of Sanctuary weaving a tale through as well. I was HOOKED to this journey! Once again I couldn't put the book down no matter how hard I tried, I was hynotised by the words. I especially loved seeing how main characters from the previous books were brought in, so we got a glimps into how they are going too. I can't wait to read what happens next in the "Sanctuary, Texas" series.