Loved this tale...

Ghost of Shifters Past: A Tarker's Hollow Tale - Tasha Black

I originally read 'Ghost of Shifters Past' in the 'Shifter Wonderland' boxset, but just finished re- reading it.


I FLOVE Tasha's "Curse of the Alpha" & "Fate of the Alpha" series & to learn that 'Ghost of Shifters Past' is set at Tarker's Hollow.... made me do the happy dance. I was instantly sucked back into the lives of the citizens of Tarkers Hollow & I LOVED it!! Focusing once again on the shifters in the community, we get to see how the wolves from Copper Creek are handling the move.


A night time walk home, Bonnie catches glimpses of shadows, her wolf isn't picking up a scent, after a steamy dream & an encounter with a fox spirit. I will have to leave it there. How I miss Tarker's Hollow, I was LOST in this, the story was rivetting. My only wish, well I actually have a couple.. 1. the story was longer & 2. more about Bonnie & the wolves that moved to Tarker's Hollow.