An amazingly emotional read

Fighting Silence - Aly Martinez

I'm not really sure why I haven't picked up this book before, well any of Aly Martinez's prior to 'The Fall Up'. But now I'm kinda HOOKED with her work. From the first chapter of 'Fighting Silence' I was drawn into Till & Eliza's lives. The beginning was so sweet, 2 children who are strangers make an unexpected friendship, a connection that is strong & lasting. Till stumbles upon Eliza after climbing through a window in an abandoned building, both seeking something, not expecting the other. I swear the tears started right then. From then on my eyes were riveted, there was a certain point where I had to put my ereader down, the tears flowing so freely I ached. The scene was both full of heart ache as well as sweet, triggering the waterfall from my eyes.

I'm not going to ruin this for you, you'll need to read it, devour it, to know exactly what happens. I laughed & cried, the emotions where all over the place for me. 'Fighting Silence' is book 1 in Aly's "On the Ropes" series, now I HAVE to read the next books in this series & soon!!