WOW what an ending!!

Dirty Together - Meghan March

I couldn't wait to start reading 'Dirty Together' the FINAL book in Meghan's "The Dirty Billionaire" trilogy, after reading the previous 2 books I jumped right in, I wasn't disappointed. Starting where book 2 left off, Creighton & Holly's journey continues once again, an attack puts everything in focus for the couple. I wont divulge in spoilers, but you MUST read this book, especially if you've read the previous books, if you've yet to start?? The trilogy MUST be read in chronological order. Once again I was transfixed from start to finish, I couldn't put it down & read it in one sitting. Holly & Creighton finally open up with one another & their interractions if anything blossom even more.

Now my only wish is for more from the other characters from "The Dirty Billionaire" world, or for Meghan to jump out & yell April Fools, about the lentgh.