Who would have thought... Sophie & Warren

Destined: Werewolf Romance (Winter Valley Wolves Book 9) - V. Vaughn

I was given an ARC of 'Destined' from the V. Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.

I've been waiting for this story since Warren first jumped out to save Kayla in 'Ergan' (book 5 in this series). Once again as soon as it landed in my Kindle app, in this case was just minutes agao, I had to jump right into it. One chapter in & I was once again HOOKED! I really hope there is more to come for this series, I really don't want it to end. I STRONGLY recommend you read "Winter Valley Wolves" in order, it is a must!!

Sophie is slowly getting used to her summer not being what she originally planed. Her plans where to get her sister & herself new men, but her sister already found herself a mate & is deliriously happy. Having moved into a house by Silver Lake & starting her wedding planning job there is just one thing missing. Warren is beta to the pack & waiting patiently for his mate to show herself, so it comes to a surprise that it's his new alpha females sister, but Warren doesn't trust humans too easily....

I was really hoping Sophie would find happiness, especially after reading about her past, then to have grouchy, silent, Warren, who takes a little while to warm up to humans around him as the man in question.... WOW. I loved how Sophie & Warren interracted with one another & especially the change that occurs because of the mating pull.

Destined is book 9 in V. Vaughn's "Winter Valley Wolves" series, which in turn is a part of the "Mating Season" pack series. A set of books from 6 authors, 6 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate. I'm hoping that wasn't the last novella from V. Vaughn's "Winter Valley Wolves" I've really enjoyed what I've read so far & I can't wait to delve into the other authors work in the "Mating Season" series.