Amazing finish for Amelia, Blake & Seth's story

Hybrid: A Fox-Shifter Romance (The Hidden Alpha Book 3) - Cara Wylde

It's been a good few months since I read the previous of "The Hidden Alpha", I had it downloaded onto my kindle app & devoured within the day. I'd been patiently waiting to read what was going to happen in the final installment of the series. How would the trilogy finish?? 'Hybrid' is the 3rd & final installment in Cara's "The Hidden Alpha" series, if you've yet to read any of the previous books in the "The Hidden Alpha" trilogy, then please start at book 1... Actually make sure you've read Cara's "Sold to the Alpha" series first, then jump into this 1. It's a must as you get more of an idea of what's happening in this book, also how the shifter factions work & better understand the characters mentioned.

The start of this installment see's Amelia getting bigger in her pregnancy whilst running around the mansion keeping everyone happy. Blake is sitting by his fathers bedside, whislt Seth is continueing on in his investigation. Blake's uncles finally show their hands.... I really don't want to spoil this installment, my goodness, it would ruin it for you the reader.

OMG what an ending! I NEED to read MORE from this world soon, maybe the dragon faction next?? or one of the other shifter breeds?? I really don't mind whichever one.... please don't make us wait too long Cara.