Once started I couldn't stop, LOVED it!!

Wolf Dancer (A New Dawn Novel Book 2) - Rachel M. Raithby Wolf Dancer (A New Dawn Novel) (Volume 2) - Rachel M. Raithby

I'm feeling really tired today, why you ask?? Well last night, at around 9pm I started reading 'Wolf Dancer' I was so enthralled in the story Rachel weaved that I found myself finished, but when I looked at the time?? it was 3am.... AGAIN (I did this too with book 1). MAJOR BOOK HANGOVER today. I can't believe how long it's been since I first read about Kat & Bass, but once i started reading it was like I'd never left. 'Wolf Dancer' is book 2 in Rachel's "New Dawn" series, I strongly advise you to read the first book in the series 'Winter Wolf' prior to reading this book.

Nico has always kept an eye on Olivia, so when he's walking back to pack lands but unknowingly finds himself where Olivia is just before an ex pack member attacks, he doesn't think twice before jumping into the situation.... I don't want to give anything away, but I can say Nico & Olivia's story is tough in places, caused me tears (it wasn't a pretty sight), thank goodness everyone in the house was asleep already. Yes Kat & Bass are in there quite a bit, seeing how they interract through Nico & Olivia's eyes. OMG I can't forget Arne, that dog is AMAZING. The last few chapters, that's when I cried the hardest! I think Rachel has weaved her magic once again & I can't wait to read what she has instore next time in the "New Dawn" series.