Malachai's mission

Fighter: Wolves of Angels Rest #9 (Mating Season Collection) - Elsa Jade

I was given a copy of 'Fighter' by Elsa Jade, in exchange for an honest review.

'Fighter' didn't sit long in my kindle app before it was being read. I pretty much got it, started & already it's finished. There was so much happening within this installment, it kept me riveted. I do HIGHLY recommend you read this series "Wolves of Angels Rest" in order, it's not needed, but it does make alot more sense if you do.

Malachai is on his way to Vegas in hopes of finding out how the shifters were being taken without their knowledge. After talking to a recently escaped bear shifter, Mal is looking into the underground Cage Fighting... but first he needs to know where to go. After getting the information from a dinner cook, Malachai is about to leave when he hears a cry, which he goes to investigate....

From the very start until the ending, I was TRANSFIXED! I'm really not sure what more I can say, I don't want to ruin anything for you.

'Fighter' is book 9 in Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" series, which in turn is a part of the "Mating Season" pack series. A set of books from 6 authors, 6 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate. I'm hoping that Elsa continues to write more of the "Wolves of Angels Rest" I've really enjoyed what I've read so far. I can't wait to delve into the other authors work in the "Mating Season" series.