Who was Alyssa's choice???

Feel (Sovereign Book 3) - BJ Harvey, Lauren McKellar

'Feel' is book 3 & the final installment in BJ Harvey's "Sovereign" series & what a finish. Even though I've finished reading the series, I'm still a little overwhelmed by what happened. The possible love triangle (well I thought there was one) is blown out of the park, choices are made, who does Alyssa chose?? I will say that I wasn't sure how I'd get enough detail out of the chapters in this book to finish, but B.J. has filled it to the brim, with details, steamy characters & a storyline that kept me riveted. I was shocked when I finished, not wanting it to end. Please read the "Sovereign" series in order.

I really don't want to give away anything with the story line, I can just say read it! I really wish there was more of this series.