Loved this story

Summer Ever After - M.C. Cerny

I received an ARC of 'Summer Ever After' from M.C. Cerny, in exchange for an honest review.

Oh my, 'Summer Ever After' was my first book I'd read from M.C. I started reading, feeling intrigued with what I was about to read. I will say Abby was a bit of a mess at the start, it was meant to be her Summer away with her secret boyfriend, a chance to have some down time together, but he'd stayed back. So Abby drives 14 hours across the country to the place where her mother grew up. Roman, WOW what can you say about Roman, the man always comes home to help out around the island during the Summer season, nearly everywhere on the island he's there helping. At the start Abby & Roman somehow have this hate love type of relatioship, which was fun to read, but also tiring at the same time & then the dynamics change. Things start to spiral & then the dreaded phone call....

'Summer Ever After' made me laugh, cringe, hope, then ball by eyes out.... but I loved every moment of it.