Coming home changes everything

No Place Like Home (The Coming Home Series) - Jennifer Kacey
I received an ARC of 'No Place Like Home' from Jennifer Kacey, in exchange for an honest review.

Being my second book from Jennifer Kacey & of a different genre than the first (which I loved), I went into 'No Place Like Home' excited. 'No Place Like Home' is book 1 in Jennifer's new series "Coming Home".

Finally becoming the person who she's always wanted to be Charlie, still finds it astonishing when a man even looks her way. No longer being the wall flower she was during High School, her best friend convinces her to travel home during the summer holidays to attend the hospital's annual fete, also to help out on the day. Finding herself home after so many years with no-one recognising her is freeing. Her first day home has Charlie delivering information about the fete to people helping out on the day, entering the the local FBI offices & coming face to face with her high school crush Coltrane Johnson, but he can't seem to remember her...

Whilst the story was short, I felt myself lost within it, I could have kept reading about Cole & Charlie. I can't wait to read what comes next in the series.