Hooked on Bliss

Bliss Series Boxed Set: The Whole Damn Harem - BJ Harvey

What an incredible boxset, each story from BJ Harvey's "Bliss" series. I hadn't read any of these books prior too starting this, but once I started reading book 1... well I was HOOKED! I loved how I was able to see the journey to true love for each of the characters. I'm not going to ruin all the juicy details in between, I'll leave that to when your able to read them (plus I don't do spoilers). I loved being told the different POV's from the leading female & male characters, especially when the next book gave you another view of the previous couples journey & then their own. The high's, lows, history... the steamy scenes.... were freaking HOT... & definitely not repetative kept me riveted from start to finish.