Raven's turn from the #HalfwayHouseFamily

Raven (Halfway House Series Book 2) - Dzintra Sullivan

I finally found the time to read 'Raven' & after my rough start whilst reading 'Arkadia' I wasn't sure if I'd have the some reaction to the leading female character. Thankfully Raven was much more likeable at the start of the book, things seem to be going just as badly for Raven as they were for Arkadia leading up to her PSE's. But things take on a darker note as the past, one Raven doesn't remember, comes out into the open.... HOOKED, from start to finish!!

WOW!! 'Raven' is book 2 in Dzintra's "Halfway House" series, I freaking LOVED Raven's story & can NOT wait to read book 3.