Kyle only wanted a distraction

Island Fantasies: An Island Escapes Travel Romance - Anna Lowe

I received a free copy from Anna Lowe, in exchange for an honest review.

Having finished 'Island Fantasies' & I've been loving EVERYTHING Anna is bringing out, this was no different. Once I started I couldn't put it down, Hannah is strong & fulfilling a dream she & her best friend had when they were 12. But years of travelling by herself instead of with her friend she was lonely... Hannah has 2 weeks to get the boat she's going to be helping sail to it's next port, Hannah bumps into Kyle. Kyle is on forced holidays, a workaholic, he's brother bets that he can't handle 2 weeks away from technology & relax, when he arrives at remote island in the Pacific he's finding it hard to relax, he needs a distraction. Upon arriving something about Hannah captures his attention.

Such an amazing short story, I'm in love with Anna's work, I especially loved how Hannah brings out the free loving bad boy Kyle keeps under control. I love when I read about strong female leads & Julie definitely is strong, but she also knows when to accept help. The story line is weaved together wickedly, the pace was fast, the characters strong, the interractions HOT.