Loved this book!!!

Dark 'N' Stormy (Cocktail Series Book 3) - Angela Stevens Dark 'N' Stormy (Cocktail Series) (Volume 3) - Angela Stevens
Having read & LOVED the previous books in the "Cocktail" series, I couldn't wait to start reading 'Dark 'N' Stormy'... even when book 1 'Lemon Drops & Love' was such an emotional read. Once I started reading I was quickly drawn into Finn's life, oh the fun he has... but he's sick of not meeting nice ladies inside & out... Living with three of his best friends, spending his days teaching & coaching at the Ice Rink, there's only one thing missing. Life takes a turn when Finn meets Julia Royston, he's addicted to her & soon falls fast, but Julia isn't all sunshine & roses. The drama starts pretty much in the first chapter, but it's only about half way through where the real life changing drama starts.

Oh my I was riveted to my ereader whilst reading 'Dark 'N' Stormy' book 3 of Angela's "Cocktail" series. I started reading it around midnight, thinking I'd get an hour of reading & then get some sleep... that didn't happen, I found myself finished & it was 5am.