Freaking LOVED this

Most Eligible Baby Daddy - Chance Carter
All I can say is WOW, that was such an intense read. 'Most Eligible Baby Daddy' is Chance's third book & part of the same series, I do suggest you read these books in order, especially with what occurs within this book, it'll make a whole lot more sense. We start 'Most Eligible Baby Daddy' with Forrester having just received the information about his fathers passing away. Having to go back to his home town & deal with everything. Elle has finally had enough of Gris & leaves to find herself a new life, she finds herself in the small town in Montanna & a job & a place to stay the day she arrives. Forrester arrives in the same small town the day after Elle does & when people recognise just who he is, the rumors of his past come out.... I wont go any further about details than this, but I will say there are quite some triggers in this book, both Elle & Forrester have had tragic upbringings.

There was so much information coming from both characters POV's, which also helped understand both Elle & Forrester in more detail. I LOVED how characters from both previous books are in here, although they didn't feature quite as much as they did in the previous 2 books from the Brotherhood. Again it's a very different story from books 1 & 2, but once again it pulled at the heart strings, the twists & turns, steamy scenes, intrigued me, keeping me enthralled from start to finish. I can't wait to read what Chance writes next for us.