EPIC final for Declan & Alyssa

Declare (Declan Reede: The Untold Story #4) - Michelle Irwin

I was a little reluctant to start reading 'Declare'... being the final story for Declan Reede, but not exaclty for the series (if you'd read the book & the note at the very end you would understand) I was a little sad & wanted to prolong it as much as possible. But I couldn't put it off for too long, I really needed to know if Declan & Alyssa would finally get together.... With almost finding myself on Michelle Irwin's doorstep after reading 'Decipher' book 3, OMG that wouldn't have been good... I started a little hesitantly. 'Declare' is book 4 (book 5 in reading order) of Michelle's "Declan Reede: The Untold Story" & what a finish it was for Declan & Alyssa, PLEASE read this series in order for the best reading experience.

Oh my what eggshells can I walk on?? It would have been preferable to the hostility Decaln had to endure whilst staying with Alyssa's parents over the Christmas break.... Michelle really made me feel very uncomfortable, which is what Declan was feeling the whole time he was there, I loved how much emotion was conveyed through Michelle's writing. Declan, Alyssa & Pheobe head back to Sydney in order to start their new jobs & lives together as a family. Declan has his first taste of being a family, of having his girls around him always.

I'll be stopping there, I don't want to ruin ANYTHING for you. I FREAKING loved every second of this book, from the minute I started till the very end I was riveted!! The details with in the book, even told by Declan, helped you understand the personal growth he has gone through since he was a teenager till having Alyssa & Pheobe enter his life. Michelle has somehow channelled Declan to the point where the words not only painted pictures in my mind, but you felt everything he felt too...