A wicked addition to the series

Chasing the Alpha (Shifters of Nunavut Book 3) - Viola Rivard

I couldn't wait to read what Viola had in store for us next in her "Shifters of Nunavut" series, so I was extremely excited when 'Chasing the Alpha' was published. 'Chasing the Alpha' is book 3 in the series "Shifters of Nunavut", although it's not absolutely vital, please read the series in order for it's full potential. Once I started reading I was drawn into this story, not as dark as book 2, you get more of a glimpse into the workings of pack life. Indigo has been following the scent of a male that could only be her mate for over a year, so she's anxious & relieved when she catches onto his scent & finally finds him. When Indigo takes Sten into her den, Sten realises he has to convince an alpha to move his pack away from the dangers that the werebears bring.

Oh my, the action & tension kept going, imagine having 2 Alpha's in the one den. It was wicked to see how Gin & Zane, & Astrid & Erik are going. I can't wait to see what Viola has in store for the next book...