Dark, heartbreaking, ADDICTIVE read!!

Calico - Callie Hart

For ALL the Callie Hart fans out there 'Calico' is a MUST, as an automatic one-click author for me, I was excited to read her new book. 'Calico' is a stand-alone, which is both a good & bad thing... (I'm greedy & would have read so much more). Oh what a read, in true Callie Hart form, you get ripped into the story. It's dark, twisted, heartbreaking, violent... ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE!! I finished reading 'Calico' a couple of days ago, the emotions it caused me are still there, I'm not really sure what I can write for this review... 'Calico' blew me away!! Callie weaved her magic with this book, bringing together the past & present of two people & their journey. It was a riveting, seat gripping, emotional read, but well worth every second it took to read. Coralie & Callan's journey alternates between the past & the present, never once did I need to figure out just who & when I was reading, making it easier to read in a sense. While what you discover may not have been easy to read, some places surely weren't easy for me to read. Please dont let the past memories make you stop reading, they are important.

After receiving a phone call Coralie HAS to return to her home town to bury the one man she never wanted to see again, her father, upon her arrival she finds out her high school boyfriend is in town for the same reason. It's been 12 years since Callan & Coralie have seen one another, 12 years of dreaming of one-another every night...

WOW, I'm not to sure if that makes sense, I don't feel like I can write much more. I CAN NOT wait to read what Callie Hart has planned next.