The wrath of Hunter

Heart of the Hunter - Chance Carter

After reading 'Most Eligible Baby Daddy' I really wanted to know what happened to Kelly back the sleepy town of Stone Peak, so I couldn't wait to read 'Heart of the Hunter'. Although this book does mention Elle & Forrester, they aren't anywhere in this story, that being said I would still recommend reading the prior 3 books before you start this. 'Heart of the Hunter' starts with learning how Hunter grew up & the reason he's now in Stone Peak.... fast track a few months & we find ourselves in Gracie's diner, where Kelly is serving the local mechanic & is about to meet Hunter for the very first time. Something inside Kelly knows right away that Hunter is dangerous, but also he would never hurt her, when Hunter leaves the diner & new customers arrive, Kelly finds herself alone & in a serious situation... so is surprised when she finds herself a front row seat to the wrath of Hunter, even if she only met him 15 minutes prior.

I'm going to leave it there, there was major points in this book when I thought 'this would never happen in real life' but then this if fiction. I loved reading both Hunter & Kelly's POV's making it easier to understand. Again it's a very different story from the previous 3 books, but once again it pulled at the heart strings, the twists & turns, steamy scenes, intrigued me, keeping me enthralled from start to finish. I can't wait to read what Chance writes next for us.