A dark, intense read.... LOVED it!!

Under By Vengeance (Romantic Suspense Spies) (Surrender Collection Book 3) - Kayla Stonor, Travis Luedke

I was gifted a copy of 'Under By Vengeance' from Kayla Stonor, in exchange for an honest review.

Having read Kayla Stonor's "Qui Treaty Collection" I was pretty excited to read 'Under by Vengeance' which has absolutely nothing to do with her alien alpha's. 'Under by Vengeance' is book 3 in Kyla's "Surrender Collection" which can be read as a stand-alone, as none of the books interract in any way. I'm not really sure how Kayla does it... OH.... MY..... GOODNESS....... WOW, what a story this is... it's dark, steamy, suspense filled, EXACTLY what I've come to expect from Kayla. I'm not sure just HOW Kayla comes up with these wickedly delicious storylines, but I FLOVED it!!

Jenna is deep undercover, trying to take down an international trafficking ring, her way even deeper inside is for Jenna to blow her cover on a job & losing her job. Ryan can't understand why Jenna would blow her cover on an assignment, putting in the report that has Jenna losing her job, puts Ryan's life under threat. Moving to a new safe house, Ryan is kidnapped & soon finds himself under Jenna's conrtol on a remote island...