Chance: Mating Fever (Bears of Kodiak Book 1) - Selene Charles

'Chance' is my first book from Selene Charles, so I wasn't sure just what I was about to read, having read & LOVED previous authors books in the "Mating Fever" collection, I had to give her a shot. I'm so glad I did, I have since added the rest of the series to my TBR & can't wait to read them. 'Chance' is book 1 in Selene's series "Bears of Kodiac", which in turn is a part of the "Mating Fever" collection. A set of books from 8 authors, 8 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate.

I enjoyed reading about Chance & Rowana's journey to becoming mates, I devoured the book & can't wait to read the rest in this series.