Darcy's 300th Moon has arrived!!

Bite This! (A 300 Moons Book) - Tasha Black

This series just keeps getting better, after reading the first 2 books in the series I couldn't wait to start reading what happened to the other shifters who called Kate Harkness mom on their 300th moon. 'Bite This!' is book 3 in Tahsa's new series "300 Moons", which is connected to Tarker's Hollow, I highly recommend you read "300 Moons" in order... & if you fall in love with Tasha's books like I have read her "Tarker's Hollow" serials & her "Building a Hero" trilogy.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the shifters who shifted to young?? Well one way or another, they would end up in the home & heart of Kate Harkness at Harkness Farms, then sung a magical song of welcome & protection by Gloria Cortez. The children would then grow up loved & learning the value of family, a continuous process for Kate & Gloria, until the 300th moon arrives. This is the story of Johnny's 300th moon since arriving at Harkness Farms.

Darcy is one of the best in the business, keeping the casino floors free of trouble, only half an hour away from Harkness Farm, Darcy gets the best of both worlds. When the casino's magician Finn, helps out with a guy cheating at one of the tables, then the doors open & a world of trouble occurs for Darcy during her 300th moon. I have to stop there... I don't want to spoil this wicked tale for you.

I was entranced from the first chapter, until the very end of 'Bite This!'... I couldn't stop reading it, I had to find out just what the price of the magic that Gloria used on the shifters when they first arrived. I love how NOT only does Tasha incorporate characters from her "Tarker's Hollow" serial, more so in this book than the previous... but also we see a few of the characters from her "Building a Hero" trilogy.... WICKED!! Now I can't wait to read the other shifters 300th moon stories... I can't wait.