A Dragon's treasure

Dazzled: Reckless Desires - J.K. Harper

'Dazzled' was my first book by J.K. Harper, I have seen her name previously is boxsets & anthologies that I've read, but haven't actually read her work. Having read some of the other contributions the other authors have done for the "Reckless Desires" collection, I couldn't wait to read what J.K. had done. 'Dazzled' is book 1 in J.K. Harper's new series "Dragon Mates"... LOVED IT!!

Sebastian keeps his treasures well guarded, all the while he's slowly collecting the last of his families missing treasures or the curse will come true for him like it did for his parents. Working for Sebastian at his museum is a dream come true for Lacey, after a year of working for him, dreaming about him one kiss will start something big....

Oh my, I can't say much more, Sebastian is moody & fighting his dragon the entire time then more so after the first kiss... then get the 2 together, they are intense to read. I loved that you found out information throughout the book, keeping me riveted until the end to find out all the details. I would love to read the next book in the series.