Wonderful read!

The Wolves of Craigellen: The Complete Highland Shifter Romance Trilogy - Ruby Fielding

I was able to read this trilogy as they where first published, but I loved re-reading all 3 books within this boxset, not having to wait to find out what happens at the end... LOVED this trilogy!

Last Alpha, bk 1....
'Last Alpha' is the first book I've read by Ruby Fielding, so I wasn't sure what to expect from her. What an intriguing mystery, I was drawn into the book, the descriptive details, the accents... all of it drew me in. I found the characters to be very detailed, some had stronger personalities than others, but you got a good indepth look at their beliefs, lives & dreams. The secrets slowly reveiled throughout this book left me always wondering what was going to happen & then disastor struck & it left me thinking the worst.... could it be this person?? But the ending, WOW what an ending, was a surprise, I had no inkling it was coming. Thank you Ruby for this mystery, filled with twists & turns all the way through.

Rogue Male, bk 2....
Upon starting this book, I was quickly thrust into the Scotish highlands & into the lives of some characters I remember from 'Last Alpha'. Set in the same small town, but meeting new characters, listening (well in my head) to that Scotish brogue.... I was drawn into the book, experiencing the akwardness of that first kiss, the wondering if a certain someone likes me... What turns out to be a weekend surprise visit to a friend, turns into a whirlwind of possible love, new friendships, learning a towns secrets, changes... I'm not going to spoil anything for you, so you'll just have to read it your self. I really loved this book!

Snow Wolf, bk 3....
I couldn't wait to start reading this book, I wanted to find out if Billy, Jenny, Iain & Skye find peace. Once again, I was quickly thrust into the Scotish highlands & into the lives of some characters I remember from 'Rogue Male' & 'Last Alpha'. Set in the same small town, we get to see how Iain & Jenny are slowly getting used to being shifters now, Billy is coaxing them in their training, Skye is still in college, but travelling to Iain whenever he has a particularly bad day. I was drawn into how their lives had changed since the pack became 3 & not just 2. I especially liked how you could read the struggle with balancing your human & your wolf. One moment your wolf wants to shift & the next, you feel like if you do...something bad may happen. Such a confusing time, when just recently there was only ever one. I really don't want to give anything of this storyline away.

I really loved what was going on in this story, & can't wait to read what comes next from Ruby Fielding.