An extra layer of ALPHA

Dirty Girl (Dirty Girl Duet) (Volume 1) - Meghan March

After reading Meghan's "Dirty Billionaire Trilogy" I was extremely excited when I found out Greer was going to get her own books. 'Dirty Girl' is the first book in Meghan's "Dirty Girl Duet", which means we only have 2 books to read but... DAMN what a start to Greer's story. Although you don't need to read the "Dirty Billionaire Trilogy", I would highly suggest that you do, even if it's just to understand her relationship with her brother & some other events in the Trilogy.

After finding her boyfriend in the act, Greer & her BFF get drunk & decide to post an add... remind you of someone?? yeah me too... But instead of getting the "Oh the rich man is going after the girl, yay for him" kind of respone that Creighton received, Greer is sneered at, called names. Oh I love Greer's response to that. Her drunken add was directed at the man who walked away... Cav walked away from Greer 3 years ago, for reasons only he knows, but when he finds out about the add, finishes up his latest job & flies directly to Greer's front door.

I seriously devoured this book, from the very begining I was glued to my ereader, I felt myself drawn into Greer's life. I wanted to find a way to hurt her ex, cuddle on the couch with her BFF & get drunk. Whilst Creighton was an ALPHA in his own right, Cav came into the book & brought in another layer of ALPHA. I know I shouldn't be as shocked as I was when this book ended in yet another cliffhanger, but damn I was... now I HAVE to read the next book so badly.