The Complete Collection of Cara's Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales with a Shift: Complete Collection (5 Bear Shifter Novellas) - Cara Wylde
I read each of the books within this Collection when they were first released. "Fairy Tales with a Shift" is the complete collection of all 5 novella's, each a retelling of a Fairy Tale with a spin on the original to include a bear shifter, each tale is complete.

Bearly Cursed, is a retelling of 'East of the Sun and West of the Moon' which was a Fairy Tale I'd not read before. Whilst hunting to help save her family during the harsh winter, Brenda finds herself agreeing to become the polar bears wife in exchange for keeping her family from starving during the winter months.

Aimée and the Bear, is a retelling of 'Beauty and the Beast' & whilst I loved the original, I found myself loving Cara's version too. Aimée finds herself thrown into a dark, dank dungeon after picking a red rose in an abandoned estates garden.

Bearly Hunted, is a retelling of 'Snow White' yet another much loved Fairy Tale, I also loved Cara's version. When Nieve is in the woods she notices she's being followed & not just by anyone, but a shifter & everyone knows shifters are assassin's for hire. So why does Nieve find herself in the assassins cottage??

Scarlett and the Bear, is a retelling of 'Red Riding Hood' I do adore the original, but I will say Cara's retelling had such an interesting background story to it. A werewolf has been terrorrizing her village for generations, Scarlett has just turned 18 & with the day of The Choosing coming up she hopes her name isn't called, but she has been practicing for this day all every day.

Bearly Sleeping, is a retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty' another much loved Fairy Tale, but I loved how Cara made it her own. Rose is the princess, about to meet her prince, but she longs for someone alot closer. When her birthday coming up, her ladies in waiting & best friends convince her to test out the curse she was gifted when she was born.

Each retelling was filled to the brim with information & adventure, keeping me intrigued & not able to stop reading until the end. Some left me wondering just where the bear shifter would come into the story, leaving me pleasantly surprised when I found out... whilst the others the bear shifter was there from the start.