Collateral - Callie Hart

I've been reading the Blood and Roses series since Deviant, book 1 was released. I've come to love all the characters and how they became a part of me when I was reading. So when I picked this book up I was not sure how I was going to feel once it was finished, this is a series I NEVER wanted to end!!

When we left Twisted, we were left with a cliffhanger, wondering where & how Callie Hart would finish this series. But it was absolutely everything it needed to be to finish off Zeth & Sloans story. I laughed, I cried, I ugly cried, my heart beating wildly in anticipation throughout the entire book and I was relieved to see the black duffle bag re-make it's appearence. We find truth, we find pain but at the end we find a way to be happy.

It was one amazing ride and Callie Hart sure worked her magic, thank you for bringing us Zeth and Sloan's story. You've penned your characters with strength, love, conviction and brought us a storyline once picked up you can put it down. This series will forever stay with me and I will re-read it again and again, and I'm a fan for life!!!!